Something from Nothing

by West Means Home

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West Means Home's debut EP


released May 27, 2016

Recorded and mastered by Kevin Langley at All In Recordings



all rights reserved


West Means Home Florence, Alabama

Alternative // Heartfelt // Southern // Florence, AL
West Means Home appeals to fans of All Get Out, Microwave, Have Mercy, and Moose Blood. Their influences range from Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional, Manchester Orchestra, Balance and Composure, Brand New, and Taking Back Sunday to Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, and The Eagles. ... more


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Track Name: Gypsy
Stand tall and find yourself
Or hold your breath be like the rest
Skip routine and keep mundane
If I'm fulfilled, then there's no shame
I'm always waiting for something
When I would rather be living now

I've been living like a gypsy
I've been sleeping on your floor
I've been changing my perspectives
I'm never home anymore
I guess I'll go to Charleston or maybe New Orleans
I've got a different definition of what life should mean to me
And now I know I've found myself
I won't need any of your help
I find it's hardest to stay true
And now I owe it all to you

The rest of the world is moving on
I feel like I'm stuck in the Twilight Zone
The real world has no place for dreamers

I'm struggling hard to find my place
And all I've got is this empty space
And I feel my patience wearing thin

Track Name: Never Again
Bright Eyes, borrowed cigarettes
December silhouette I won't forget
Summer closeness and the heat
They were awfully hard to beat
She won't let me forget

I've never been one with a strong voice
But you set me free it was your choice
Your hands are so far from holding me down
But you had to go
Like I don't know
The things you say
While I'm away

It seems these clouds they block my mind
I feel I'm running out of time
To do the things I want to do
Like pack my bags and run away with you

They say in one year we'll be gone
But miles away you sing along
Because your voice still keeps me company
When all the world weighs down on me


I am ready to be, I am ready to be set free (x7)
Track Name: Nineteen
High schools over
But I'm still high on you
All my friends have disappeared
So I will wait, wait right here
And let this be my stamp on life
You've got your plans and I've got mine

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh (x2)

Finding myself more lost day to day
Do you miss the summer rain
Getting high, staying out too late
When everything was so innocent
Everything was so innocent

I, I have no dreams
I'm stuck between nostalgia
And what it means to feel something real, something real

We were nineteen
We were naive
Track Name: Enemies
My friends hide in the shadows
My enemies, the greenery that surrounds us
These trees they hold suspense
Cause I'm just waiting to fall
My plans are just the same
My fear outweighs my faith in myself, in myself

Am I awake or just dreaming again
Please tear these feelings away
Am I asleep or just falling to my death
Restlessness is keeping me from peace

Your skies are everchanging
Your little smiles, camouflage in the sunshine
These clouds they hold suspense
Cause I'm just waiting to fall
My plans are just the same
My fear out weighs my faith in myself
And I won't sink

Track Name: Actor
Hey kid, you're throwing your life away
If I don't dream, then what's the point anyway
Tongue-tied in finding where I need to be
A little lost cause gypsy heart I'll always be

Looking up at the man in the moon from my fourth floor balcony
There's an ocean breeze coming in, and that's enough for me
You see this world it ain't so simple, because it gives and takes away
Oh, and I am just an actor who doesn't know which role to play
Ah-ooh (x4)

Don't let anyone tell you who they think you should be
As for me, I chose the freedom of a six string
If you long for the coast, or the open road
Don't set it out, or you'll never know